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Our Approach:  We learn about your business, your goals, and your needs.  By asking pointed questions we can be sure to make marketing recommendations that are custom to you, designed to meet your objectives, with reliable mechanisms for measuring success.


Businesses of all sizes, offering virtually any selection of products and services, have unique objections to overcome when trying to generate new leads within target markets. At a high level, some objections and challenges may be common within the same industry.  At a more granular level, however, there are going to be very unique and specific reasons that one business is succeeding at lead generation while another is failing.

Our team has experience with consumer and commercial products, retail & restaurants,  healthcare, consumer services, banking & financial services, commercial and industrial manufacturing, commercial and industrial construction, and much more.  What's more, we can leverage in-house Big Data Analytics and accounting intelligence, sharply reducing the learning curve and giving us the ability to very accurately measure marketing ROI.

We can help you generate more leads and grow your business through:

Marketing & Advertising Consultation

If you feel you're overspending, or that your marketing & advertising has become ineffective, or you've been presented with a new marketing or advertising opportunity, this is the time to contact us.  We can audit existing budgets and plans, make recommendations, or pre-screen new proposals for you.  

Content Marketing

This is a highly effective technique with long-term staying power, used to distribute valuable and relevant content with the goal of attracting a defined audience. This might include infographics, web content, white papers, blogs or videos.  The creation of content is not enough though; you must also have a distribution and conversion strategy which we can help with, too.

Social Media Marketing

This is more than posting on a regular basis.  It is an ongoing strategy for maintaining an open conversation with your audience.  Social Media Marketing is organic at its foundation, with strategic use of paid promotion of specific content to engage new audiences or to encourage audiences to complete a specific transaction.  Not all social media platforms are right for every business, though, so we take care to make recommendations based upon the presence of audiences and efficient ROI.

Local Directory Listings

Local Directory Listings are automatically generated online listings that contain a business' address, phone number, web address, and images.  Providers like Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and FourSquare can and will automatically generate profiles for your business that could contain misleading information or images that don't accurately represent the business' aesthetics or services.  This is also where consumers may leave online reviews, so claiming these profiles and properly optimizing them is a very important step. 

Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of improving the online visibility of a website or web page in any search engine's organic results (Google, Bing, Yahoo).  SJHL has invested in tools that identify specific areas of improvement within a website, such as site errors, low word count and other factors, that will automatically impact a site's SEO ranking.  We leverage these tools to stabilize your site's SEO ranking.  We also dig more deeply into how, when and where you need your site's content to perform at its best. We make deliberate adjustments to increase the site's visibility, making sure your business is visible at the critical moments that matter most. 

Digital Advertising

Certified by Google and Bing for pay-per-click advertising tactics, well experienced with advertising through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as alternative platforms such as Pandora and Spotify, we are able to leverage digital networks to target your unique audiences.  We go one step further by tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns through web analytics, reporting monthly and continually monitoring the campaigns we manage to ensure positive ROI. 

Brand Audit

We will evaluate all of your digital and traditional marketing properties to determine if the brand position aligns with your unique value proposition and business objectives, and make recommendations for adjustment.  Don't worry - this doesn't automatically mean we'll want you to redesign your logo.  Your brand is so much more than your logo.  Your brand is an overall experience, a tone of voice, a presentation of services - it is a marketing methodology.  Over time, brands can become diluted so an occasional audit is helpful to be confident that all of your marketing and sales efforts are well aligned.


We also provide the following services in-house and through our trusted partners:


Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

Videography & Photography

Radio Production

Web Development

Traditional Media Placement (Radio, TV, Billboard, Print Publications)

Public Relations

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We also provide the following services in-house and through our trusted partners: