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Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC has a passion for helping people. Whether it's our clients, the communities we live in, or each other, our driving force is to help them get from wherever they are to where they want to be.


With office locations in McPherson, Hutchinson, Wichita, Salina, Manhattan and Newton, we offer a wide range of interrelated services, including tax, audit, business advisory, wealth management, and consulting services, to a variety of individuals and businesses. We're always looking to attract sharp new talent - whether new to the industry or experienced.

Who We Are

SJHL has a passion for helping people. Whether it's our clients, the communities we live in, or each other, our driving force is to help them get from wherever they are to where they want to be. We believe it is essential to have a rewarding career without compromising your personal life and time with your family. A few year ago, our firm’s leadership started down a journey, what we refer to as the Path to 45, to help create better work/life balance. We want our team to “have their cake and eat it, too”.


85+ Team Members

5 office locations

12+ Industries

Advisory, Audit & Assurance, Client Accounting Services, Data Analytics, Payroll, Tax, and Wealth Management

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable clients, employees and owners to meet their goals and serve society by providing tax, audit and consulting services of exceptional value and superior quality while fulfilling the highest standards of our profession with ethical character.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the Firm of Choice for our clients, the communities we live and work in, and each other.

I am a person that likes routine. The firm approach of path to 45 hours has been crucial with establishing a routine during tax season. It has allowed me to set daily stopping points, in which I do not feel guilty about, to go home at a decent time. This creates time that I can still get a workout in, eat healthy, and spend quality time with loved ones. I feel my mind and body stay more refreshed to provide better service to clients and energy to the firm.

The work/life balance is greatly appreciated. My one regret is not working for a firm earlier that appreciates family life versus chair/computer time.

-Melissa Stallbaumer, CPA



I feel so blessed to work at SJHL. The partners and HR truly care about each person on the team – no matter the role. I am always amazed by their generosity and attention towards all of us. They go above and beyond to make this the best place to work!

- Karen Iverson

Working for a company that stresses the importance of doing great work – but also finding balance in your work and personal life – has been much appreciated and has helped me find that balance. This has really helped me prioritize my time while working and how to be most efficient with those hours. Additionally, it allows me to have – and be able to enjoy – free time even in our busiest seasons. It also promotes a culture of teamwork and working with one another to ensure we are all helping each other achieve this goal. It’s truly been appreciated working for a company that expects you to do great work and provide exceptional service – but also has policies in place to provide you balance in life.

- Justin Schropp, CPA



SJHL has the best group of people I have ever worked with.

- Garrett Delmar


It is so exciting going into tax season knowing we will be working 45-hour weeks! I usually plan to postpone anything in my personal life until after April, I would say my friends and family are even “trained” to not try to plan anything with me during this time. Having time to talk to the people I care about and avoid having long workdays at the office will be such a wonderful adjustment. My attitude at and outside of work has improved and I am thankful to be a part of an organization that cares about their employees having well balanced lives.

- Rachel Schlagel



There is not anyone at SJHL that I would not want to work with – we have really, really good people who are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Pair that with great clients and it is a winning combination.

- Julie Milleson, CPA

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