Founded in 2014 by Chet Buchman, the First 15™ Reading Program has the potential to improve office morale, foster a culture of learning and improve firm productivity.  This program demonstrates our firm's commitment to the personal and professional development of our team by allowing them the paid time to read at the start of each day.  Books of choice are non-fiction and have subjects ranging from leadership, self-help, spirituality, and management.  The Firm provides a library at all SJHL locations for employee use, or employees may purchase books of their own. Click here to download the First 15™ toolkit. In addition to reading, team members use the 4 Keys Journal to help get their day off to a great start.

Here are some of our favorites that we like to recommend to our friends and colleagues:

  • Fred Factor, Mark Sanborn 
  • Getting Naked, Patrick Lencioni 
  • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got, Jay Abraham
  • How to Become a Rainmaker, Jeffrey J. Fox
  • Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey
  • Pound The Stone, Joshua Medcalf
  • Firm Forward, Edi Osborne

As of November 2023, our Firm has read more than


We believe in the power of reading and have found that lives can be changed by simply reading for 15 minutes per day. 



It allows me to start my day off in a positive way and also fuels my mind with information that I likely otherwise wouldn't obtain. 

-Darren Anderson



It adds consistency to my day; it's nice to know I can start with that at work and not jump into something super chaotic. 

-Jody Hack



It makes my day start positive and I don't feel as cloudy, I feel more crisp and ready to start the day. 

-Caitlin Chambers



I love how it's a quiet start to the day and great transition from home to work. It's also really neat to learn and share with others books we've read or suggestions from our list. 

- Tamie Prieb

4 Keys Journal


It’s all about trying to get better each day.

Following the 4 Keys Journal helps people appreciate the little things and be mindful of how they respond to things as they come up (good and bad) throughout the day. This method leads people gaining control of their day!

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