Looking for ways to save on your taxes?

If you are wondering how this is different than what you are currently going to your accountant for, that’s a great question! We see this comparing well to the healthcare industry in that going to your primary care physician is like going to your current accountant – they look out for your overall “health” and it’s incredibly valuable and helpful. But sometimes you may have an issue or pain point that pops up requiring an area of specialty – think cardiologist or orthopedic surgeon. That’s the equivalent of what our Tax Specialists are, they have immersed themselves in the specific service of tax savings and strategies. They will “do their thing” and then you go back to your primary care physician for ongoing maintenance, etc.

What's the Process to see a SJHL Tax Specialist?

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Gather Information

Our team will provide you with a document outlining all the necessary information to get started. The more information you share, the more we can help you save.

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Our Tax Specialists go beyond compliance, analyzing your information with a forward-facing tax reduction mindset. Looking for the combination of tax strategies to help you pay the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law.

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Meet with a Tax Specialist via Zoom to discuss your unique situation and which tax saving strategies might be right for you.

Your Investment


  • Zoom Meeting with Tax Specialist
  • Customized Plan for Tax Savings
  • Plan Completed within Two Weeks
  • Money-back Guarantee*

Half is due up-front and the remainder will be requested upon delivery of tax savings package.


*We guarantee we will find tax savings at least equal to your investment or we refund your money.

Who Does this Work Best For?

This works best when you can check two of the boxes below.

Annual Income of $250,000+

Business Owner

$1 Million Net Worth


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