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Not very long ago, Data Analytics was a pie-in-the-sky tech service, expensive and difficult to attain.  It was also so complex and cumbersome in nature that most business owners couldn’t invest the resources to access it.  Like all technology services, though, Data Analytics has evolved and is more within reach than ever before. We recognized the value to our clients early on and have made the investment in the talent and tools needed to make Big Data accessible to our firm and our clients.

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Data Analytics' greatest value is in its ability to bring clarity to the smaller financial details that would otherwise go unseen, allowing business owners to make extremely well-informed business decisions.  The output from Data Analysis is based on the information you already have in your accounting records, POS systems, inventory control systems, time clocks and more. The processing of this data allows us and you to see quantifiable evidence of trends and patterns occurring within your business, allowing you to pivot and grow without the guesswork. The best part? Your data will tell us exactly how those decisions are impacting your bottom line.

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Our in-house Financial Insight Experts begin each project by gathering your data and solving 25 key inquiries, such as:

    • Do most sales come from new or repeat customers?
    • Which customers are most valuable?
    • What are the sales and service margins by product or service?
    • What marketing efforts are most effective?


We understand that no one knows a business better than that business’ owner.  Our team’s role is to synthesize the data into easy to digest formats in order to uncover potential blind spots and trends.  This allows us to work together to identify actionable goals that can have an immediate impact with minimal changes, then monitor the impact of those changes through continued analysis.


The cost of this service is variable, however, it costs nothing at all if we don’t provide value to your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Utilizing these business analytical tools has been a game changer for our hospital. We are now able to generate data-driven decisions that have identified areas of opportunity for change and resource allocation that have improved our financial position and operational efficiencies. With credible and visually oriented reporting, management and other teams have bought into utilizing the tools to better manage their workflows and track successes of change. The support group at SJHL has quickly become our go to Decision Support Team!

-Lewis Newberry, McPherson Hospital President & CEO/CFO

“Being able to overlay all divisions within our company, and put all sources of data in one place was extremely helpful.  We were able to target the low-hanging fruit and make an immediate financial impact on our company. Using the Financial Insight tools allows us to better understand the challenges we are facing, and not rely on our gut alone.”

Missi Knott, CFO/COO, LifeTeam

Experience the Power of Data

Feel free to interact with this sample workbook built in Tableau. Our team has constructed these visuals as a demonstration of how we can help clients take a deeper look into their own data.

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