Expensify.org is going to temporarily redirect all of its charitable funds, that previously covered  "lunch debts” to Expensify.org/hunger where the focus is matching SNAP grocery purchases up to $50.00 per family.

What to do:

1. Purchase food as normal with SNAP card

2. Download FREE Expensify App on iOS or Android

3. Join the Expensify.org/hunger policy

4. SmartScan the receipt, which will show amount paid and that purchase was made with Electronic Benefits Transfer

5. Submit it to volunteer@expensify.org

6. Set up your bank account to receive funds

Unfortunately it is unclear how long these funds or the crisis will last but Expensify is stretching the money, generously donated by Expensify Cardholders as well as by donors through the Corporate and Personal Karma program, as far as it can go. Please pass this on to let other groups and organizations know help is available.