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Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC (SJHL) is the largest accounting firm in McPherson County and we also have a large presence in Reno County and Sedgwick County. We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed under the laws of the State of Kansas. Founded in 1936, we provide services to clients primarily in the areas of our brick and mortar locations; however, we also enjoy working with clients all across the globe. We have 10 Partners, four Principals, 35+ Certified Public Accountants, one Certified Financial Planner, and 40+ other accountants and support staff.


"After interning at SJHL, I moved to a large city and went to work for a regional accounting firm. I quickly realized that not all public accounting firms have the same expectations and cultural values as what I experienced at SJHL. These differing experiences helped me to identify the characteristics and qualities that were most important to me in finding the right work environment for my career. My SJHL internship showed me that I could have a highly challenging and rewarding career without working 70-to-80-hour weeks during the busy season, that embracing technology and being committed to personal and professional growth are essential to being successful in our profession, and that relationships matter."

- Jaymie Rothrock

SJHL Partner and Former Intern

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Who We Are

SJHL has a passion for helping people. Whether it's our clients, the communities we live in, or each other, our driving force is to help them get from wherever they are to where they want to be.


85+ Team Members

5 office locations

12+ Industries

Advisory, Audit & Assurance, Client Accounting Services, Data Analytics, Payroll, Tax, and Wealth Management

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable clients, employees and owners to meet their goals and serve society by providing tax, audit and consulting services of exceptional value and superior quality while fulfilling the highest standards of our profession with ethical character.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the Firm of Choice for our clients, the communities we live and work in, and each other.

Internship Opportunities with SJHL

We offer part-time and full-time internships each semester at our offices in McPherson, Hutchinson, Wichita, and Manhattan.  When you intern with SJHL, you will gain valuable experience in the accounting industry with our tax, audit, client accounting services, or admin team.


To apply, send your resume to Lindsey Vincent at

My internship at SJHL helped me realize the people and environment I want to be around when I’m working. The culture at SJHL promotes not only professional growth but also personal growth, where I truly felt cared for and invested in when I was balancing work, school and other life events. The internship program was a wholistic experience that allowed me to work on technical skills through client billable work, work on personal goals through the mentoring program and have a lot of fun with intern activities that were programmed throughout the experience.

-Kento Aizawa, Associate, Data Analytics
Former Intern


I enjoy interning at SJHL because the people at this firm want to see me succeed in all areas of life, not just the business side of things.

- Owen Braxmeyer
Current Intern


Working with interns is exciting because it gives our current staff a chance to mentor future business leaders. On the flip side, interns bring in fresh energy and ideas into our business and it is fun to get acquainted with the talented students that will be joining the profession soon.

-Kelly Madden, Manager

Interning at SJHL was a great experience! I appreciated that SJHL demonstrated that I was a valued member of the team. Not only do they allocate time to developing professional skills, they took the time to ask about personal goals as well! Multiple team members also took the time to mentor me and make me feel comfortable in my workspace. A huge plus from transitioning from an intern to being full-time was that I came into my first full-time job more excited than nervous because I knew what my job responsibilities would look like and felt as though the internship had given me the skills I would need to be successful.

- Rachel Schlagel, Associate
Former Intern


I enjoy interning at SJHL because of the flexibility and opportunities they provide for us! It is a safe environment to learn and grow!

- Trevor Beaird
Current Intern

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To apply for an internship at SJHL, email your cover letter and resume to Lindsey Vincent at



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