SJHL Payroll Quick Tips

SJHL Payroll Quick Tips

Fall in love with fall! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the crisp temperatures and beautiful changing leaves. It is also the ideal time to take a minute and review your payroll.

Take a look at these quick tips that will ensure that your payroll will run smoothly even through the holiday season.

Employee Profiles

Making sure your employee profiles are current by year-end is a critical key to a smooth end to your calendar year. Try to take a minute and review things like addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers.

Tip: Send a note with your next paychecks, asking employees to verify their information and send an updated form with any necessary changes.

Deductions and Fringe Benefits

We recommend adding any special-case items you want shown this calendar year on your first paycheck in December (if SJHL is processing these special case items, allow five business days for processing).  This will ensure these items will appear on employees’ 2019 W-2 forms.

Examples of special-case items: 401K, fringe benefits, group term life insurance, personal use of vehicle and shareholder provided health insurance.


Are you considering giving out a year-end bonus you’d like our payroll staff to process? In order to ensure bonuses are processed prior to year-end, please notify our payroll staff by December 17th.

Employee Documents

Ensuring you have up-to-date tax forms for your employees, especially Form I-9 is key in avoiding fines from state audits.


Thank you for your continued trust in us; if you have any questions please reach out to our payroll team at or call us at 620-241-1826.