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A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks-certified independent account professional trained to provide strategic support to drive your business’ success.

New Quickbooks

Time is money, and you could be wasting a lot of it if your books aren’t in order. Gain valuable insights, enjoy peace of mind and do more of what you love.  In working with business owners, we have identified that:


  • Real-time information is critical to making day-to-day business decisions, even when out of office or on vacation.
  • An organized chart of accounts reduces errors and improves a business’ ability to quickly extract information.
  • A clean set of books brings your finances into focus, giving you the ability to gauge your business’ financial health in real time, and prevents costly issues such as payroll issues, extended billing cycles and increased aging, and the risk of overdrafts.
  • Good records will improve the benefits of syncing with your financial institution’s online banking feature.

Whether you need assistance cleaning up your QuickBooks® or are looking for assistance converting from QuickBooks® or any other platforms to QuickBooks® online, our team of experts is ready to help!


We have partnered with Complete Business Group to offer the best pricing on QuickBooks solutions for our clients. SJHL will receive a nominal commission.

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