Shelly Whitfield
(316) 265-5600

My Guilty Pleasures: Binge watching just about anything and Freddy's burgers and fries. 

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Having my whole family at the dinner table. 

My Favorite Things Include: 

Tv Series: Game of Thrones

Music/Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Color: Blue

Sports Team: Go Chiefs!

Two Interesting Facts: 

I love to cycle, hike and 'urban hike'.

- I love music and retain a lot of useless information on the matter. 


Areas of Concentration: B2B and B2C Marketing with an emphasis on strategy development, focusing on delivering custom marketing solutions that fit the clients' needs, budgets, and abilities. 

Experience: The Coleman Company where she was to manage the execution of graphics for packaging production for eleven globally-distributed brands. At RSA Marketing as a Partner and a Creative Services Director. Shelly was then with Squid Ink Creative as an Agency Director, which has now merged with SJHL in September 2018. 

Family: Married to Mike with their three children; Kae, Brennan, and Julia. 

Hometown: Wichita, KS


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