Kelly Garcia
(620) 241-1826
My Desired Wish From a Genie: I wish that I was taller
My Guilty Pleasure: Donuts!!
My Ideal Escape (Dream Trip): To visit Greece
Interesting Facts About Me:
  • My husband and I use to raise pigs as a hobby
  • I have a brother that is an actor
My Favorites:
  • Music/Artist: Blues/Jazz - Millage Gilbert, Bill Withers
  • Sports Team: Auburn Tigers, K-State Football/Baseball
  • Hobbies/Activities: Biking/walking/hiking, we like to go on motorcycle excursions!
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Areas of Concentration: Kelly's area of concentration is audit scheduling and archiving duties. She's also a Utility Player for Admin.
Education: Attended FHSU and HCC

Experience: Kelly was in the Aerospace industry for 16 years, and also 5 years in the Renewable Energy industry.
Community Involvement: Kelly created and was Co-chair as President for a not-for-profit organization for 5 years.
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