Carlotta Sunderland

Carlotta Sunderland

Fun Facts

Desired Superpower: Superspeed. That way I could walk all the ends of the world without having to bring a backpack!

My Guilty Pleasures: Peanut Butter soft serve and Route 44 Limeade

Ideal Escape: An extended diving trip to a marine protected area: snorkeling all day plus 1-2 diving trips a day to explore wrecks and other reefs. 

Two Interesting Facts:

  1. Even though I was born in Germany I might be less German than some Kansans since I am quarter Estonian.
  2. I speak German and Italian - and I hope to add a fourth soon!

Areas of Concentration

Advisory, Audit, and Budget for Municipal and Government Entities.


Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Hamburg, Master of Science in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy from the University of Hambu


Berlin, Germany and Sabetha, Kansas