Jeanette Catalan

Jeanette Catalan

Fun Facts

Desired Superpower: Telekinesis so I can move things around and make myself fly.

My Guilty Pleasures: Netflix, sleeping in on the weekends, and driving fast.

Ideal Escape: Go on a cross-continent trip in Europe so I can hit a bunch of countries and cultures in one.

My Favorite Things Include:

Tv Series: Kim's Convenience

Music/Artist: Artic Monkeys

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies & Cream

Hobby: Sketching/Drawing

Color: Cerulean (blueish color)

Book: Under the Dome by Stephen King

Two Interesting Facts:

  1. I am bilingual, but I am currently trying to learn Portuguese!
  2. I have two rats named Mustang and Peachy.

Areas of Concentration

Tax Preparation, CAS


Bachelor's in Accounting degree from Wichita State University

Associate's in Accounting degree from Dodge City Community College


Four brothers and sisters, and parents


Dodge City, KS