Jessica Lempke

Jessica Lempke

Fun Facts

My Guilty Pleasures: Coffee shops, Shoes, Red Wine, and Handbags

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Hugs and laughs with Family.

My Favorite Things Include:

Tv Series: Yellowstone and Friends

Music/Artist: ​Pink and Jason Aldean

Color: Black

Sports Team: Shockers and Huskers!

Two Interesting Facts:

  1. At age 18 I worked for a Custom Harvest Crew and cooked for about 30 people we started in Texas and went all the way to Canada!
  2. I competed in the Miss Rodeo Nebraska pageant and won Miss Congeniality.

Areas of Concentration

Client Accounting Services


Environmental, Construction, Franchise Accounting experience and Payroll and reporting experience.


Married to Randy and I have 3 daughters McKenzie, Kennedy, and Natalee.


Imperial, NE