20 Questions with Lauren Janzer

Lauren & Michael

Lauren with her husband, Michael, and fur baby Olivia.

In our ongoing quest for newsletter (and accounting) excellence, we decided it might be fun to get to know some of our team members a little better. We threw all our names in a hat and left the order up to fate! Here’s some fun information about Lauren Janzer!


Lauren has been with SJHL since 2014. She is an Associate and works remotely from her home in Colorado.


Why did you choose accounting? Originally, I chose it because I enjoyed working with numbers. It has turned to enjoying problem-solving and helping simplify processes in-house and for clients. 

What is one thing you could not live without? My running shoes, my rosary, and my family.

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you? Choosing to go to McPherson College and meeting my husband there!

What would you do for a career if you did not work at SJHL? I would open a sugar cookie company.

What would you rate 10 out of 10? Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate ice cream at Braum's! It never disappoints!

What is something you never want to do again? Have a kink in my neck! I know that is wishful thinking, but those are the worst!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I would want to become fluent in Spanish.

What is your favorite thing about working at SJHL? My coworkers are so awesome and have turned into some really great friends!

Who inspires you? My mom! She is Wonder Woman!

Where is the most beautiful place you have traveled? Hilton Head Island, SC

What is your favorite book? Are You Fully Charged? by Tom Rath. It has definitely changed my perspective on work, life, and how to deal with stress.

What do you enjoy doing on a day off work? At this point, studying for the CPA exam. Not sure it is all that enjoyable though! Before the CPA exam, I enjoyed watching Netflix and playing with Olivia, my dog, at a park.

What is your favorite T.V. show or movie? My favorite T.V. show is FRIENDS and my favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. 

What is the best gift you have ever received? My wedding ring.

What is your favorite food? Pizza.

What chore do you absolutely despise doing? Laundry...it just takes so long!

What chore do you actually ENJOY doing? Vacuuming. 

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? My Great- Grandpa Green. Apparently, he was quite the guy!

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I love playing softball and playing where the action is, like short-stop.

What would your dream day consist of? Hiking with Michael and Olivia. 

BONUS QUESTION Mayo or Miracle Whip? I’m not picky! Whichever is fine!

Lauren & Family

Lauren and her family (bottom row, L-R) sisters Christina and Katie, brother Andrew, and sister Emily. (top roq, L-R) brother Zach, dad Phil, mom Nikki, Lauren, and Michael.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Lauren! If you have any questions you’d like to see added to the lineup, email us at info@sjhl.com!