Melissa DonJuan

Fun Facts

Your desired superpower: To control all other super powers..

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World:  Lazy Saturday mornings with my husband!

My Guilty Pleasures are:  Nutter butters and Captain Crunch.

Ideal Escape:  A trip to Ireland.

List Your Favorite:

TV series - The Office
Ice-cream Flavor - Coffee Bean
Color - Yellow
Book- anything by C.S. Lewis


Bachelor of Administration degree in Accounting from Wichita State University; Wichita, KS in 2018.


Began as a Grant Accountant at a non-profit.

Community Involvement

Involved in various ministries within the AG Network and participates in Wichita events advocating for research and awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.


Husband, Oscar.

Hobbies / Activities Outside of Work

Reading and working out.


Benton, KS