Shelly Whitfield

Fun Facts

My Guilty Pleasures: Binge watching just about anything and Freddy's burgers and fries.

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Having my whole family at the dinner table.

My Favorite Things Include:

Tv Series: Game of Thrones

Music/Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Color: Blue

Sports Team: Go Chiefs!

Two Interesting Facts:

  1. I love to cycle, hike and 'urban hike'.
  2. I love music and retain a lot of useless information on the matter.

Areas of Concentration

B2B and B2C Marketing with an emphasis on strategy development, focusing on delivering custom marketing solutions that fit the clients' needs, budgets, and abilities.


The Coleman Company where she was to manage the execution of graphics for packaging production for eleven globally-distributed brands. At RSA Marketing as a Partner and a Creative Services Director. Shelly was then with Squid Ink Creative as an Agency Director, which has now merged with SJHL in September 2018.


Married to Mike with their three children; Kae, Brennan, and Julia.


Wichita, KS