Kellee Pihl

Fun Facts

My Ideal Escape: My ideal escape is Jamaica.

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Family & Friends.

My Favorites:
Hot sunny days
Walks with my dogs
Hanging out with my family and friends
Any sort of exercising
Being outside

Two Interesting Facts:

  1. My husband and I have the same name.
  2. Every Friday night in the summer you'll find me at the Salina Speedway dirt track races.

Areas of Concentration

Audits of municipal and governmental entities / Individual tax preparation / Numbers coaching.


Graduated from Bethany College; Lindsborg, KS with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.


Joined SJHL in May of 2016.

Community Involvement

Salemsborg Lutheran Church.


My husband Kelly and I got married in March of 2016. Our 2 dogs (Dolly & Luke) do everything with us. We have 2 sisters, and both of our parents live within 5 minutes of our house. We recently were promoted to Aunt & Uncle.


Lindsborg, Kansas