Jenni Hutts

Fun Facts

My Desired Superpower: To be able to read minds!

Desired Wish from a Genie: For my kids and loved ones to live long happy, and healthy lives.

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Being on our boat, in the middle of the lake, soaking up the sun with my family!

My Guilty Pleasures: Peanut Butter & Mexican food!

Favorite Sports Teams: Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas City Chiefs.

Quote: "Watch your thoughts, because they become your words; watch your words, for they become your actions; watch your actions, for they become your habits; watch your habits, for they become your character; and watch your character, because it becomes your legacy."


Graduated from Northwest Kansas Technical College; Goodland, KS.


Jenni joined SJHL in January 2015 after spending 13 years at Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance where she worked in the claims department.