Melanie Goering
(620) 241-1826

Desired Superpower: If I had one superpower, it would be the ability to turn invisible.

The Best Thing in the Whole Wide World: Having a loving and happy family.

My Guilty Pleasure: ICE CREAM!!

My Ideal Escape: Trip to Alaskan outback.

Favorite Place to Eat: Any place with Mexican food

Favorite TV Series: Family Matters (Urkle rocks!)

Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Favorite Book: The Millionaire Next Door

Interesting Facts About Me:
      1. I was raised on a goat farm.
      2. I love being outside.

My Favorite Quote: "Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be." Abraham Lincoln

Areas of ConcentrationAudits of municipal and governmental entities.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL.

Experience: Licensed Sales Producer for Allstate Insurance.


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