Client Spotlight: BuySupps LLC

Jul 13, 2015

May of 2015, Shane Burge realized his dream of opening the storefront BuySupps LLC on Main Street in McPherson.

Shane, who joined the U.S. Marine Corps at the age of 18, is living proof that discipline and perseverance truly pay off. After two tours in Iraq, Shane re-enlisted as an instructor, during that time he did a tour in Afghanistan with the Marines. As an instructor, Shane taught soldiers various things from martial arts to firearms.

After his time in the military, Shane handled diplomatic security for a few years before coming back to his roots in Kansas. Given Shane's background, it probably comes as no surprise he's always been interested in fitness and has dreamed of owning his own gym for years. Shane was creative with his endeavors and decided retail of supplements would be a nice complement to the gym, thus BuySupps LLC was born.

While BuySupps LLC offers a variety of products and services, Shane's passion is in helping people feel better and making their lives easier. His passion has carried over to his family. His father was ill and not as active with the family as he wanted to be. With Shane's guidance, his dad lost 150 lbs and is able to live life easier and is more active with his grandkids … it doesn't get much better than that!

As you can see from the picture on the left, BuySupps LLC is a family affair. Shane is the primary operator and is in the store/gym daily. Shane is married to Katie and they have three children. Rylee is the oldest and she's eight, next is Karsyn who is five and the little fella', Khane, is two.

More on BuySupps LLC:

Hours: M-F: 10-7; Sat: 10-5; Sun: closed
(appointments outside normal hours upon request)

Products: multi-vitamins, fish oils, weight loss, pre-workout, muscle recovery, testosterone booster, meal replacements and more! Shane keeps a variety of options for each of the products, including top sellers from several different brands.

Location: 202 N Main, McPherson, KS

Services: Open Gym, Personal Training, Basic Nutrition Advice

Contact: 760-799-0718 or 620-755-2661 |

What makes BuySupps LLC
different from a GNC or
supplement stores?
It's the level of knowledge and care Shane will take into helping people achieve their goals. If you go into the store and share what you're wanting to accomplish, he'll help explain what might be a good fit and why.

Shane has tried nearly all of
the supplements in his store, so he can truly speak about the products. This can be extremely helpful if you don't know where to start. Not to mention, labels can be very misleading.

Please join us in congratulating Shane and his family on their new business. It's great to see their venture help people live happier, healthier lives!