SJHL Revamps Wellness Program

Feb 19, 2015

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC held a luncheon in January to revamp their Wellness Program that was started in July of 2012. New programs were added to the activities list and team members were reminded of the program's benefits.

Team members pose with office supplies used for a game.

SJHL implemented this Wellness Program to encourage team members to live a well-rounded lifestyle. A points system is put in place year-to-year that rewards team members for choosing healthy activities from a list of various options.Activities range from dental and eye exams, yearly check-ups, giving blood, having a CPR certification and simply starting your day with a healthy breakfast.

For the luncheon in January, healthy food options were offered to team members. Options included soups, salads, pumpkin dip and a variety of fruits.

An aspect of this program is keeping healthy food items available in the office. By doing so, it has helped team members make healthier choices when grabbing something to eat. Fresh fruit is available daily.

After the luncheon, team members stuck around to participate in an office version of basketball. A golf ball was wrapped in tape and a trash can placed in a specific spot for the goal.

Courtney Rierson shoots the ball while John Regier times her participation.

Above: Courtney Rierson shoots the ball at the basket while John Regier times her participation.

Members who participated had 30 seconds to shoot the "basketball" from three different spots.

Team members participate in the firm's version of basketball.

Above: Team members, Darren Anderson (shooting the ball) and Courtney Rierson (timing Darren), participate in the firm's version of basketball.

More programs that the firm has available for all team members are Wednesday Walks, using a FitBit to track daily activity and sharing a healthy recipe with team members.

Team member, Jana Stegmaier, focuses on shooting the

Above: Team member, Jana Stegmaier, focuses on shooting the "basketball."

SJHL hopes their Wellness Program participants continue to see improvements in their lives. This program not only benefits team members, but encourages other businesses in the area to implement similar programs.

Team member, Andrew Bohme, shoots the ball.

Above: Team members, Courtney Rierson and Darren Anderson, watch Andrew Bohme shoot the ball at the basket.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." – Buddha

*All photos, courtesy of Caitlin Hitchcock.