These Shoes are Made for Walking!

Sep 4, 2014

SJHL Hutchinson Office staff members Kandy Graber and Janna Stegmaier

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC is putting on their walking shoes and walking around town every Wednesday! In August, we implemented "SJHL Wednesday Group Walks" at both our Hutchinson and McPherson locations!

At Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC we take pride in having a healthy staff and providing opportunities in the workplace for our staff to make healthy choices. We not only provide a Wellness Reimbursement Program, FitBit activity band reimbursement, and fresh fruit available in the break rooms daily, but we now also introduced Wednesday Group Walks!

McPherson Office Staff Members walking shoes

Every Wednesday for 15 minutes, those staff members who are available, get together and walk. There is no set route, just as long as we take only 15 minutes out of our busy schedules.

SJHL McPherson Office Staff Members on their Wednesday Walk

Above: McPherson Office Staff Members enjoying the Wednesday Walk!

In just 15 minutes of walking, the McPherson office has averaged 0.95 miles each walk! Each person who participated in the walk burned an average of 100 calories for those 15 minutes! Do you know what consuming 100 calories less a day and burning 100 more calories a day will do for you each year? Well, a pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So 200 (calories) x 365 (days) equals 73,000 calories burned which is equivalent to 20 pounds of fat! With just a few simple changes in your daily routine, you can really make a difference in your health!

SJHL's Hutchinson office staff members Diane lee and Janna Stegmaier on the Wednesday Walk

Above: Hutchinson Office Staff Members, Diane Lee and Janna Stegmaier, enjoying the Wednesday Walk!

Hutchinson Office Staff Members walking shoes

We hope you had a great summer with your families!

Stay tuned for more staff stories and spotlights!