Lunch Time for SJHL Staff!

Jul 17, 2014

SJHL employees during our June Patronization Luncheon

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Patronization Program encourages staff to take their business to clients. Every month staff receive raffle tickets for each receipt they turn in from a client's business and then two $50 winners are drawn. See which staff members are our June 2014 winners.

SJHL's Patronization June ticket winners: Courtney Rierson and Kandy Graber!



Drum roll please! The winners of our June Patronization drawing are………. Courtney Rierson and Kandy Graber! Congratulations ladies! Thank you for participating in our Patronization Program!

We had a great turnout at our June Patronization luncheon! Every month we get the McPherson and Hutchinson staff members together and celebrate each other's families and professional accomplishments.

Check out our luncheon pictures below of our team and the delicious food!

SJHL lunch line!

This month we had BLT sandwiches as well as Chicago style hotdogs with salads and a dessert!

Front left to right: Kandy Graber, Janna Stegmaier, Diane Lee, and Keith Janzen enjoying lunch

From left to right: SJHL's Kandy Graber, Janna Stegmaier, Dianne Lee, and Keith Janzen enjoying lunch!

SJHL's Chet Buchman reading off the Patronization list

Above: SJHL's Chet Buchman reading off the Patronization clients for the month of June.

SJHL is committed to our clients and value the services and products they provide us and our communities. SJHL has patronized over 100 clients so far this year. We have clients that provide lawn care, dining, house building and remodeling, hair styling, legal services, groceries, car maintenance and repair, photography and many other products and services.

YTD 2014, SJHL staff has spent over $21,000 with our clients. This total is strictly from those receipts that were turned in, the actual total is much higher.

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