Modds Sweets and Eats in the Spotlight

Jun 12, 2014

Owners of Modd's Sweets and Eats from left: Patty and Krystal Moddelmog

Check out our sneak peak at what's cookin over in Moundridge at Modd's Sweets and Eats. If you haven't had a chance to stop in for breakfast, lunch or snacks, you are in for a real treat once you do!

Made from scrach cookies and cupcakes!Modd's Sweets and Eats is owned and operated by Krystal Moddelmog & her mother-in-law Patti Moddelmog and has been serving the Moundridge area since May 28, 2013.

Before opening Modd's Sweets and Eats, Krystal was a full-time hairstylist and Patti had been baking specialty items out of her home for over 40 years. One day they made the decision to open up a bakery and café. Krystal and Patti were ready for the challenge and have been very successful their first year of business.

Modd's Sweets and Eats is known around town for their monster cookies, sugar cookies, and cheesecakes. They also have a great crowd every morning who love Krystal's breakfast burritos! Everything they make is from scratch and you can taste it in every single bite!

Made from scratch pecan rolls right out of the oven!

Above: Made from scratch pecan rolls right out of the oven.

Freshed baked Italian Panini

Above: Fresh baked Italian Panini found on the daily lunch menu.

Patti designs and makes wedding, birthday, graduation, and other specialty cakes. This graduation season Patti made over 38 dozen cookies and cheesecakes for graduates in the area!

Daily Lunch Menu

Above: Daily lunch menu

Don't forget while you are at Modd's Sweets and Eats to check out their coffee! They have different flavored lattes, cappuccinos, and frappes available every day.

Inside Modd's Sweets and Eats

Above: When you enter Modd's Sweets and Eats you feel like you are in your Mom's kitchen!

To learn more about Modd's Sweets and Eats, check out their Facebook page!