SJHL Walks from Seattle to Florida. Will we make it?

May 22, 2014

FitBit bands that track activity



SJHL's goal is to walk 1,260 miles as a team this month. We hope to make it from Seattle to Florida. We are all working hard to achieve this goal. Do you think we will make it?

SJHL's Walk Across the U.S. is a fun team effort to see how far our miles/steps take us around the U.S. As a team we have a monthly mileage goal that we hope to achieve. This month (May 16 - June 16) our mileage goal is 1,260 miles. We started our journey in Seattle, Washington to see if we could cross the United States to Florida in one month.

Map of the U.S. to track our miles

Each week our employees will receive an update on where we stand with our miles and our current walking location which is documented on a map in our kitchen break room. It is exciting to see where we will finish for the month! At the end of each month, we all enjoy a themed lunch or snack that corresponds to the location we finished at for the month.

If you see us around town exercising, we are working on our miles for our Walk Across the U.S.!

We hope you are enjoying summer and stay tuned for our mileage goal updates!

Congrats to all those who graduated this past week!