Employee Spotlight - Justin Kaufman

Mar 20, 2014

Justin Kaufman

Justin Kaufman has been with Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC since January 2012. He is a great addition to our audit and tax service teams. In Justin's free time, he enjoys flying and has experienced several unique opportunities in aviation. He transports brand new single-engine airplanes all over the world. He typically transports airplanes within the United States, but has flown overseas twice with the latest trip taking place in November 2011.

Justin flew a single-engine airplane from Kansas to Europe. The flight was approximately 5,500 nautical miles one way. The trip took a total of 12 days and over 50 hours of flying to complete!

Justin's love for flying was sparked at an early age as he was always around planes as his Dad and Uncle worked for the airlines.

Enjoy a few pictures of Justin's scenic views from the sky…..

Flying to Europe

The pictures below are of Justin's experience flying a 172 to Europe including his view of the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flying across the world


Pictured above is an old air traffic control tower at a former US Military base that was restored and placed back into service on Azore Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Justin and his flying adventures! Justin can be reached at jkaufman@sjhl.com or to learn more visit his page on our website http://www.sjhl.com/OurStaff/JustinKaufman.

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