YouTube Sensation

Dec 18, 2013

You want to learn how to do something these days? The answer is easy, go to YouTube! Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC has decided to use this concept to help our clients. You may be asking yourself how accountants can use YouTube to help YOU, but where there's a will there's a way! Prepare for Tax Season with the help of our videos.
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With the end of the year drawing near, it means Tax Season will soon be upon us. We understand Tax Time is stressful. What documents does your accountant need? What do they need to know? How can you be sure they have everything without making it a huge chore? In the coming weeks SJHL will be sending out a Tax Organizer. This Organizer is designed to help individuals gather all of the necessary information needed to file taxes. And perhaps even more importantly, it provides a list of questions that need answers in order for an accountant to know if certain tax credits are available and for taxes to be filed properly. These questions cover items such as having a new baby, having a child go off to college, buying a new home, etc. People do not always remember to tell their accountant all of these things, so this list of questions helps you help us!

Our series of YouTube videos walk clients through how to best utilize the Tax Organizer. Right now there are three videos available to help with this process. Two of them take the viewer through the SJHL Organizer and the steps to using it. Both of these videos cover the same information, but one goes into more detail than the other. Our third video shows the viewer someone actually getting ready for tax season. It is not only informative, but, dare we say it, entertaining! Yes, accountants can be fun! Take advantage of these resources and watch our videos at