Fun with Clients

Mar 22, 2013

It's time to report our February 2013 winners of Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Patronization Program drawing! SJHL's Patronization Program encourages staff to take their business to clients. Every month staff receive raffle tickets for each receipt they turn in from a client's business and then two winners are drawn. A trip to the salon and another trip 650 feet underground paid off for two of our staff members!

Michelle Huddle, CPA
Michelle Huddle was our first winner for February thanks to a hair cut at Captivate Salon. This is not the first time Captivate has snagged someone the win either! Captivate is owned by Jamie Hedlund where she is also a stylist along with Lauryn Unruh and Chelsea Baker.

Captivate is located 1203 S. Main in
McPherson, KS, right next door to Hedlund Electric. You can also find "The Image You Desire" on Facebook and Twitter. Make an appointment by calling (620) 245-5161.

"SJHL is part of the reason we have been so successful. I have taken their advice since we began 2 1/2 years ago, which has allowed me to achieve many of my business goals." - Jamie Hedlund, Owner at Captivate Salon

Kansas Underground Salt MuseumChristina Henson, CPAChristina Hensonwas our other winner due to her support of SJHL's client the Reno County Historical Society. She recently visited the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, which is one of the museums operated by the Historical Society, along with the Reno County Museum. If you remember the article from a few weeks ago about the "Murder in the Mine," then you know what Christina was doing underground.

Aside from special events, the Salt Museum also offers underground tours where you can learn more about geology and view galleries of items from history. Make your reservations in advance by calling (866) 755-3450. The Salt Museum is located at 3504 E. Avenue G (at Airport Rd) in Hutchinson, KS. You can also follow them on Facebook.

"Switching to SJHL was a welcomed change and we have enjoyed both their professionalism and friendliness." - Gayle Ferrell, Director of Operations at the Reno County Historical Society