LifeTeam: Innovative Healthcare Provider

Mar 19, 2013

On the job in Kingman.Health insurance helps us pay for any medical bills we may incur when we visit the doctor and car insurance helps us fix or replace our car if we have an accident. LifeTeam has created a similar plan to help you cover any critical care transport costs you may incur in the event of an emergency. LifeTeam is a 24/7 critical care transport team that has dedicated crews that provide patients the transport medicine necessary to save their lives. Over the past 12 years the experienced and dedicated LifeTeam crew members have continuously and safely provided tens of thousands of patients the transport medicine necessary to save lives. LifeTeam partners with Hospitals, EMS agencies and Fire Departments throughout the Midwest. When faced with a medical emergency, LifeTeam provides patiOne of LifeTeam's helicopter.ents with quicker access to the life-saving care they need. A physician-driven company, LifeTeam ensures clinical excellence with an online medical director involved in each transport. "From the beginning, LifeTeam has been a healthcare provider that utilizes air and ground vehicles in its practice of transport medicine. This patient focus is present in every part of safely transporting patients to specialty care and we look forward to continuing to change patient outcomes for the next decade," states Martin Sellberg, M.D., medical director and CEO.

LifeTeam has been in service since 2001 and the owners, Dr. Sellberg and Dr. Richard Watson, are both from McPherson, KS. Dr. Sellberg still works in the ER at McPherson Memorial Hospital. The inaugural transport by LifeTeam originated in Liberal, KS the first of their eight bases. LifeTeam is a complete system, which includes fixed wing, rotor wing, ground ambulances, state-of-the-art communication center, in-house maintenance facility and patient billing division. "Our flight service is a very different model from most of the flight services across the country," explains Missi Knott, Chief Operating Officer. "The owners of our company are both physicians and pilots, so they understand every aspect of the mission. We see ourselves first and foremost as a medical service and we do whatever necessary to help the patient; our patients always come first." Over the past 10 years, LifeTeam has strategically and successfully expanded throughout the Midwest and operates fixed wing bases in Liberal and Great Bend, KS as well as McCook, NE. They also operate helicopter bases in Hutchinson, Emporia, and Dodge City, KS and just opened their newest rotor wing base in Grand Island, NE this year. In addition, the company operates ground ambulances in Great Bend and Wichita further supporting the fixed wing bases.

Michael Johnson, Brenda LeBaron and Stan Zortman
LifeTeam offers a membership program which provides prepaid protection against the cost of a LifeTeam air transport that exceeds any insurance or medical benefits; for members, the company waives all out-of-pocket costs for the transport. Members are covered in all LifeTeam service areas. This is an excellent addition to any company's benefit package. LifeTeam offers a significant discount to any company that is interested in adding the membership program to their company's benefit package.

Visit or call (316) 281-8740 for more information on how to become a LifeTeam member.

LifeTeam is dedicated to their mission of providing exceptional patient care and Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC is proud to work with them!