Celebrating 100 Years of All Schools Day

Mar 11, 2013

A patch representing the first All Schools Day button, which started in 1987.As many of you may know, every May McPherson County celebrates what is called All Schools Day (ASD). A tradition that started in 1914, is being quilted into history as it celebrates 100 years in 2013. Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's LaQuita Geis made not one, not two, but three quilts in honor of this special occasion. One of the quilts will go to the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation and be put on display. Another one is being given to Toby's Amusements, as they are funding the quilts. Toby's has provided the carnival rides for ASD since the first one in 1914. It has not yet been decided what will be done with the third quilt.

Celebrating 100 years.The ASD celebration begins May 5, 2013 and has a number of events scheduled including sand sculptors, the parade and carnival, as well as a special concert by the famous country band Gloriana. According to the ASD website, the event started as a way to celebrate the graduation of all the McPherson County eighth graders. Prior to that year, the superintendent had to travel to each schoolhouse to deliver the graduation certificates. With over 100 school houses in McPherson County, it took quite some time. The event has evolved since then, but it is still used to celebrate McPherson County eighth graders and all students in the county.

LaQuita began the quilts in September 2012 and finished them in December 2012. All of the fabric came from Stitches Quilt Shop on Main Street. LaQuita picked a pattern called "Lucky Stars." She felt the name had a positive sound to it and was reflective of the ASD dedication to children and overall theme. Janet Yowell and Wendy Paul helped get the huge project rolling. After LaQuita conned her sister Lisa Nelson into helping her with the patches, Karen O'Reiley did the quilting.
LaQuita posing with one of the three quilts.
One of the quilts will soon be on display at Stitches and also other places throughout the county. The ASD committee will release a list of all the locations and when it will be there. A lot of people are working hard to make this All Schools Day celebration the best yet in honor of it's 100 year anniversary. Please help us in thanking and congratulating LaQuita on completing the very beautiful commemorative quilts!