Printing Checks in QuickBooks

Mar 3, 2013

One feature of QuickBooks is the ability to print checks directly from the software. The user can pay vendors, employees and general expenses, and can print a single check or multiple checks depending on the need. Printing checks from QuickBooks can save you time and improve the accuracy of your records. Here are some tips to help you print checks quickly and easily, whether you're doing payroll or paying bills.

  1. In the File menu, select Print Forms and then click Checks. The Select Checks to Print window will open.
  2. Select the bank account from which the check should be drawn.
  3. Select the checks you want to print. All the checks ready for printing will be selected by default. You can de-select the checks you don't want to print yet, or use the Select All or Select None buttons to expedite the process.
  4. In the First Check Number box, enter the check number of the check you want to print. This is the number that is pre-printed on your physical, paper check. Click OK. The Print Checks window will appear.
  5. Verify your printer name and type. This is especially important if you have multiple printers set up.
  6. Make sure the Check Style selected (Standard, Voucher, or Wallet) reflects the type of check you are printing on. Note: for Office and Away checks, choose the "Standard" style check to print.
Click here to watch an online tutorial. You can also contact one of SJHL's QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisors. Contact us at (620) 241-1826 or (888) 241-1826 for more information.

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