2012 Patronization Totals

Feb 9, 2013

SJHLSwindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Patronization Program encourages staff to take their business to clients. Every month staff receive raffle tickets for each receipt they turn in from a client's business and then two winners are drawn. In 2012, we not only tracked which clients we shopped at, but how much money we spent at their businesses.

SJHL is committed to our clients and value the services and products they provide us and our communities. And although not every receipt was turned in to be recorded, the numbers are still quite impressive. Throughout the entire year of 2012, SJHL patronized over 60 clients and spent over $126,000 at their businesses. We have clients that provide lawn care, dining, house remodeling, hair styling, legal services, groceries, car maintenance, photography and many other products and services.

The list of staff that won in 2012 along with how many times they won are below:

Andrew Bohme (1)
Carol Caster (3)
Jackie Christiansen (5)
Vicki Courtney (1)
Donna Fadenrecht (1)
Michelle Huddle (3)
Jan Nolde (1)
Darlene Otis (3)
Jaymie Rothrock (2)
Marie Shields (3)
Stephanie Thurman (1)

We look forward to working with all of our clients and doing business with you in 2013!