Shields Poses to Fight Cancer

Dec 18, 2012

Tammy Walker Calendar

In 1998, Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Marie Shields was diagnosed with cancer and beat it! Now she's working to support other women fighting the disease. Marie posed in a calendar called "The Faces of Breast Cancer" created by Ellie Feuerborn (a breast cancer survivor) who co-owns Fast Focus, Inc. and her step-daughter Jane Serene at Forever Memories. It features the success stories of 12 women in the Salina area and their battle with cancer.

Marie was diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma in July of 1998. This is a type of cancer that can occur during a molar pregnancy. It is quick-growing and occurs in the uterus. Marie's doctors were able to catch it early, perform surgery and start her on chemotherapy. She has been in remission since her treatment! This is a rare type of cancer, so Marie found it important to educate others.

The calendars are meant to be motivation for those currently battling the disease. Ellie, Jane and the women who posed for the calendar want others to know they are not alone in their fight. Ellie and Jane had lots of support from the Salina Regional Service Auxiliary and Health Foundation when creating the calendar. The calendars have been distributed to current patients at the Cancer Center and attendees at the Ladies Spa Night breast cancer awareness event held in October. A limited number are also available to the public at the Service Auxiliary and Health Foundation. For the past five years, Ellie has also promoted pink bra pictures at Fast Focus, Inc. during the month of October with proceeds directed to support breast cancer services at the Tammy Walker Cancer Center.

Almost everyone has been effected by cancer in one way or another. SJHL supports cancer research every year by participating in Relay for Life. It is a tribute to our employees who have battled the disease and others that have helped family and friends do the same. Detecting cancer early can make all the difference! This means yearly physicals, well woman exams and open conversations with your doctor. Thank you to Marie for sharing her story and spreading the message!

Marie Shields