Halloween Fun

Nov 8, 2012

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC always has great pictures after Halloween of our staff's children, grandchildren and pets! We hope you enjoy this year's collection.

To the left are the Super Buchmans! Batman (Cru), Robin (Everlee) and Catwoman (Reese).

Alaina and Isaiah LoganBrielle Rothrock
Bedtime Bunny and Baby Jaguar love their daddy Luke Logan This little Jack-o-Lantern always puts a smile on Jaymie Rothrock's face
Ruby, Rosie and Rheamy RiersonGentri Christiansen
Courtney Rierson has a zoo with this Circus Monkey, Shark and OwlIt's a hoot at Jackie Christiansen's house with her little Owl
Gunner GeisKinzlee and Kylie Henson
Batdog serves and protects LaQuita GeisSpidergirls look after their mom Christina Henson
Duke and Brennan AndersonTaylor Bruce
A Pink Poodle and lab that only bark for Darren AndersonA Gypsy that always wanders back to Kala Bruce
Cooper BohmeLaQuita Geis with all her
This Dragon keeps the fire breathing to a minimum for Andrew BohmeLaQuita Geis' grandchildren and neighbor kids for her annual Halloween party with spooky foods!