Merging Multiple Accounts in QuickBooks

Jul 26, 2012

Does the same entity have multiple listings in your QuickBooks? You may need to consolidate those accounts, but do not want to run the risk of losing any data from either one. By following these steps, you will be able to merge two vendors and keep all historical data. This will work for items, customers and accounts.

1. Look to your Lists Menu and select "Vendors" or go to Vendors Center depending upon your version of QuickBooks
2. Determine which vendor you will choose to keep and make a note of the exact spelling
3. Determine which vendor you will get rid of, right click and select "Edit Vendor"
4. Rename the vendor the exact name of the vendor you are keeping (spacing and characters must be exact)
5. Click OK
6. A popup will appear asking if you want to merge - select Yes

Once you merge two vendor names, you can't reverse it. All transactions, even in closed periods, will be under the one name. It may also affect previous financial reports. The data associated with the merged vendor, such as address, phone number, etc., is removed from your records along with the name.

Situations where you can't merge a vendor:
  • You can't combine more than two names at a time.
  • You can't merge a vendor name with a name from a different list, such as merging a vendor with a customer.
If you have questions, please call our McPherson office at (620) 241-1826 or (888) 241-1826 to speak with our QuickBooks' support staff or take advantage of our Wednesday's Workshop.