Avoid Fraud in QuickBooks

May 7, 2012

Unfortunately fraud and embezzlement are something you must always consider when running a business. The risk is always there, but if you are a QuickBooks user you can do a few simple things to help reduce your risk.

1. Have bank statements sent to the business owner's home. This will allow for you to view all transactions, regardless of what is being entered into QuickBooks. This may help deter embezzlement.

Protect your business!
2. The bank statement should also be compared to what is being recorded in QuickBooks. This allows you to confirm that the money being spent and deposited matches what is being recorded in QuickBooks.

3. Each QuickBooks user should have separate log ins and passwords. If more than one person is using the same log in information, it does not allow you to track what specific users are doing in the program. Thus, if there is a mistake, there is no way to know for sure who the culprit is, whether it is an accident or on purpose.

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