SJHL Working to Get Well

Apr 3, 2012

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC is part of an initiative to not only get McPherson healthier, but the entire state of Kansas. The Kansas Health Foundation has created a new state wide initiative in order to make Kansas the healthiest state in the U.S. This initiative is referred to as WorkWell KS and is being coordinated by the Wichita Business Coalition on Healthcare.

Chad Clark at the McPherson Healthcare Foundation and Greg McCullough at Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company, are McPherson's champions of health. They attended the first-ever WorkWell KS Statewide Leadership Training Program and brought back their knowledge to the community. Ten communities in Kansas have been selected to start this pilot-program, and McPherson is lucky enough to be one of them.

Jackie Christiansen
In McPherson, there are seven companies participating in the first WorkWell KS. SJHL jumped at the opportunity to participate. "This is such a great chance to help us formalize a Wellness Program and have the support of the Kansas Health Foundation, as well as the McPherson Healthcare Foundation. I believe the opportunity to share ideas with other companies in the area will help us create a sustainable program," stated SJHL's Marketing Manager Jackie Christiansen. All participants will complete a work site assessment and send one or two leaders to take part in a work site wellness training session. This session will take place March 29 and 30, and during the session attendees will receive feedback on their assessment results and training on how to build a successful work site wellness strategy.

Participants will be provided with resources to help them sustain their programs as well as the opportunity to connect with each other and share ideas. Another component of the program, is that each participating organization will have the opportunity to receive a $1000 grant to help them fund and kick-off their wellness program. This can be used for incentives, healthier food options in the workplace, etc.

With the hopeful success of the program, the Kansas Health Foundation will add ten more communities to the WorkWell KS initiative and continue to grow it. It will also be expanded locally to more participants within McPherson. Learn more about WorkWell KS at and follow them on Twitter @WorkWellKS. You can also follow SJHL on Twitter for updates on their progress once they get started @SJHL_KS. Updates will also be posted on the SJHL Facebook page at