SJHL Involved in Guinness World Record

Apr 2, 2012

On Saturday, March 24th more than 1200 people convened at Marion County Lake to set the world record for the "Most People Roasting Marshmallows." There is a lot involved in attempting to set or break a record for the "Guinness Book of World Records." The procedures are so strict in fact, that if a representative from Guinness World Records is not available, a valid witness must be designated to sign-off on the event. Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk Loyd was chosen to be the witness, with Scot Loyd and Johnna Vosseller being the official representatives.

Ethan Loyd, Governor Sam Brownback & Scot Loyd
According to Guinness, those eligible to act as a valid witness can be either a Guinness World Records official Adjudicator, civil law notary, professional services firm or audit company, or a few other options. The event must be run in such a way that ample evidence can be provided to prove the event happened and how many people truly participated. And in this particular case, all marshmallows had to be checked to make sure they were adequately roasted.

Crowds of people gathered in staging areas Saturday afternoon where they grabbed their stick and marshmallow. They then headed to the fire spanning a few football fields in length that was maintained by the fire department. At the sound of the cannon, 1272 participants began to set fire to their marshmallows, which had to roast for a minimum of 10 seconds. All participants were counted as they entered the fire area. They then had their marshmallow checked for proper roasting by the Boy Scouts on their way out.

Participants with their roasted marshmallows
After the event, there were only 10 marshmallows that did not qualify. This week, Scot and Johnna will finalize all the evidence necessary such as video, photographs, log-books they kept and statements from other volunteers that helped in running the event. "This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I felt so honored to be a part of something that brought families and the community together," said Johnna.

Congratulations to Marion County for putting on a successful event and working to get their community into the "Guinness Book of World Records!" Once all the evidence has been reviewed by Guinness, we will find out if they truly set a record!