Yoga Studio in McPherson

Jan 12, 2012

McPherson's Main Street is already pretty special with a community dedicated to keeping it revitalized. What makes Main Street and McPherson even more special is that it has its very own yoga studio. On the east side of the 200 block of Main Street you will see a section of purple. This is where you will find Whole Body Health, where Darsha Whorton provides massage therapy services and Kelli Dossett teaches yoga.

Twelve years ago Kelli began taking yoga classes at the local YMCA and became a self-proclaimed "Yoga Nerd." You do not actually have to be certified to become a yoga instructor, but Kelli's passion pushed her to learn more. In December 2009 she completed her 200 hours of training and became a registered yoga teacher. Kelli works full-time as a Reading Specialist at Lincoln Elementary School, where she has worked for 28 years, so her dreams of being a yoga instructor would have to wait a few years until she retired. She was pleasantly surprised when she realized there was a way she could do both. Darsha Whorton is a certified massage therapist and decided to open up Whole Body Health on McPherson's Main Street. The space was large enough and perfect for a yoga studio as well. Darsha allowed Kelli to fulfill her dream almost three years before she expected. Darsha owns the building and did all of the remodeling, and Kelli pays her rent to utilize the yoga studio. It is a win-win situation.

There are many benefits to the practice of yoga. Yoga is really great to incorporate into your workout schedule, especially if you are pretty athletic or run often. It helps to stretch out those muscles you work over and over again and can even enhance your other activities. And as you may have guessed, it also increases flexibility. Kelli stated, "I have never been really flexible, and I am still not, but I am far more flexible now than I was at 22 years old." It is also great for relieving tension and helping with pain due to injury. Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Wellness Task Force set up a private yoga session with Kelli, and managing partner Kyle Hawk was in attendance. Hawk stated, "I cannot imagine anybody who would not benefit from doing yoga. After only one class, I woke up the next morning for the first time in months with no back pain. I was genuinely amazed and also encouraged at what yoga could do for me."

Kelli provides all equipment necessary for practicing yoga.
There are many inaccurate preconceived notions about the practice of yoga. Kelli said that she hears many people believe it is a form of religion, which is completely not true. It can be used as a "philosophy," but does not have to be and is not practiced at Kelli's studio in this way. It is simply taught as a form of exercise and wellness, as well as an excuse to meet new people.

If you are interested in trying out yoga, Kelli offers classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays during the school year. She has a beginners class every Monday at 7:00 p.m. Classes are only $5, or $20 if you buy a package of 5. She provides all of the equipment necessary, such as mats and blocks, for free! In the summer she offers kids yoga and additional class times. Visit her website at or her Facebook page at for more information. You can also contact Darsha Whorton to schedule a massage at (620) 245-0608 or