We are Loving It

Dec 20, 2011

In 1940, a Bar-B-Que restaurant opened that would eventually make its mark on the world. That is when Dick and Mac McDonald started McDonalds Bar-B-Que in San Bernardino, CA with car-hop service. The McDonalds restaurant that is more similar to the one we know and love today was founded in 1948 when they shut-down for three months and reopened as a self-service, drive-in restaurant. Their staple menu item was the 15 cent hamburger. In 1955, McDonalds finally began making its move across the U.S. and opened up its first franchised location in Des Plaines, IL.

David and Cindy Jennings are the owners of the McPherson, Park City and two Newton locations (one being in Wal Mart) McDonalds. McPherson got its McDonalds in 1976, which was then purchased in 1977 by David's father. The Jennings family has been operating the location ever since. They added the Newton location in 1984, Park City in 1987 and the Newton Wal Mart location around 2001. David visits each store about twice a week to talk with the managers, employees and customers.

Christina Snyder, Cindy Jennings & David Jennings
The Jennings' Organization includes David and Cindy as well as a long-time employee Christina Snyder. Cindy works in the office performing payroll duties and reports, daily deposits, cash sheets, employee records and other daily office duties. Christina has worked for the company 15 years and is the Office Manager. She handles a wide range of responsibilities which include accounting duties, financial reporting, accounts payable and other various reporting and duties.

David's favorite part about his business is the people. This goes hand-in-hand with their strong commitment to taking care of their customers. The first bullet under McDonald's corporate mission is: We place the customer experience at the core of all we do. We are lucky to have operators in McPherson and the surrounding areas that truly take this to heart.

Visit http://www.mckansas.com/3815/31295/default-page/ to learn more about the Jennings' Organization and locations of their McDonalds.