SJHL Takes a Wild Ride at the State Fair

Sep 26, 2011

As many of you probably know, the Kansas State Fair took place September 9th through the 18th in Hutchinson, KS. Many Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC staff members attended the Fair to take in the exhibits, enjoy the rides, eat some deep fat fried food and attend the many concerts.

The "Third Day" concert was a huge hit among SJHL staffers, as Luke Logan, Julie Huxman and Jan Nolde were all in attendance.

Ethan Loyd getting ready to zip line.
Scot Loyd and his son Ethan use the Fair as an opportunity for some male bonding, and to enjoy homemade ice cream. Loyd said, "Ethan and I have taken in the Fair at least 9 of his 13 years as a 'guy' thing. We always look forward to checking out the equipment that shows up at the exhibits."


Jackie's nephew Jaxson and mom Marilyn taking a ride on the carousel.
Jackie Christiansen attended the Fair a couple of times in order watch her 2 year old nephew Jaxson get worn out on all the rides and fill up on all of her favorite fried foods. "I can't imagine going to the Fair and not having a Pronto Pup and funnel cake! I finally got my husband hooked on 'fair food' after convincing him to try a cheese curd," stated Christiansen.

Kala and her daughter Taylor getting ready to go on the Water Toboggan ride.
Kala Bruce and her family really took advantage of everything the Fair offered. Bruce's favorite event was "Daughtry" in concert. She is also a fan of Pronto Pups and funnel cakes, as well as the Gator Taters.

Other SJHL Staff Who Attended the Fair
Kyle Hawk: Enjoyed some grub at the Methodist Church food stand and made sure to check out the butter sculpture.
Sue Regier: Paraded around the carnival with her 7 grandchildren.
LaQuita Geis: Studied the quilting exhibits, as quilting is one of her favorite past times.

We hope you and your family were able to get to Hutchinson and enjoy this year's Kansas State Fair as well. Visit our Staff Page at to learn more about our staff's favorites and guilty pleasures.