SJHL Staff Member on Tour with U.S. Senator

Sep 1, 2011

Chad and Cassondra Basinger with Senator Pat Roberts
On Wednesday, August 24th, United States Senator Pat Roberts went on a "Drought Tour" in Kingman and Reno counties. Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd's Cassondra Basinger was one of fifty area farmers and agricultural officials from the state of Kansas who participated in this bus tour to see first-hand what our current drought has done to crops. Cassondra's husband Chad Basinger was selected as the official tour guide of the event. Chad and Cassondra run a farm in the Pretty Prairie area where they grow wheat, milo and soybeans and also have a cow calf operation.
Senator Roberts was in town for the 2012 Farm Bill Hearing that took place in Wichita on Thursday, August 25th, where the main topic of conversation was budget cuts and how they could affect crop insurance. Roberts wanted to see the devastation the drought has caused before attending the hearing. Basinger's husband pointed out different areas affected by the drought including irrigated corn, which has now been chopped for silage; Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), that has been hayed or able to be grazed for livestock; alfalfa that produced a fraction of its normal output; among many other affected crops.
Basinger with Senator Roberts
This drought and high temperatures have caused producers to lose approximately $1.6 billion. The federal crop insurance program is critical to Kansas agriculture. The current drought is a harsh reminder of how farmers truly depend on it. About 400 people attended the 2012 Farm Bill Hearing, including Senator Roberts, Governor Sam Brownback and many area farmers.

Cassondra and Chad were very excited to spend time with Sen. Roberts, but the circumstances were less than desirable. There are many elements that can affect any business, and farmers are all to aware of this. It is important to assess any possible foreseen risk that could affect you or your business and be prepared. Crop insurance is considered to be the most important safety net for producers.

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