SJHL Launches New Website

Jul 31, 2011

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC would like to officially announce the release of our new client-focused website! The website allows new and existing clients to view a list of SJHL services, read news on what the firm has been up to and learn about our 75 year history. Guests are able to view pictures, read professional biographies and learn fun facts about each staff member; such as one staff member's desire to teleport.
Staff Page
"We have always cherished the relationships we build with our clients and wanted our new website to allow us to connect with people in today's fast-paced, electronic society in a more personal way. We are extremely proud of our team and are excited that the new website gives people an opportunity to go online, see each staff member's picture and learn more about us both professionally and personally," says partner Chet Buchman, CPA, CVA.
About Us Page

Other features of the new website include access to SJHL's free E-Newsletter; information on recruitment and how to become a CPA; as well as a list of helpful links, such as the IRS Withholding Calculator. It also has a secure client portal for those clients using SJHL's Payroll Services.

SJHL's IT specialist, Luke Logan, states, "The main benefit of our new website for clients is that it can become a one-stop-shop for information on the firm, accounting and IT resources, and a connection to securely share and store documents and data.  All of this in an easy to navigate platform that will grow as our services do."

Please go check out the site and find out who on our staff enjoys cheesy 80's movies…although there is probably more than just one!