Our Qualifications

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC is the largest accounting firm in McPherson County and we also have a large presence in Reno County. We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed under the laws of the State of Kansas. Founded in 1936, we provide services to clients in McPherson County, Reno County and the surrounding areas. We have six Members (owners), four Principals, thirty four Certified Public Accountants, one Certified Financial Planner,  and 20 other accountants and support staff.

Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd, LLC is more than just numbers! We provide a full range of audit, accounting, consulting, business advisory, wealth management, and tax services. Our services are provided to a wide range of clients, allowing you to have an expert available to you.
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